Broadview Heights Lions
The Club was started in 1975 with 25 members. For the past ten years our membership has ranged from 60 to 85 members. Our members range in age from their mid 20's to over 80, and we are extremely diverse. There are pipe fitters, salesmen, accountants, engineers, plumbers, city employees, teachers, carpenters, managers, and most any other profession you might name. This diversity provides a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable in planning and carrying out our projects. Of equal importance, many of us have developed lifelong friendships. During our 39 year history, we have been among the most active Lions Club in Ohio. We have received numerous awards and honors from both the Community and various Lions organizations. In every area of service to our Community, nation, and the world, this Lions Club fulfills the motto of the International Association of Lions' Clubs: WE SERVE!

Although we support the District, State and International projects, most of our work and our funds are directed to our local community.

Current Officers 2014-2015:

Joe Price

Pat Grimm
First Vice President
Fashion Show Chair

Kevin Barrett

Second Vice President

Mona Fodor
Third Vice President
Fashion Show Chair

Gary Cerasi 

Kevin Krcmar
Empty Bowls Chair

Jerry Volk
Lion Tamer

Jim Cipriani
Lion Twister

Kim Lennox
Membership Chair

Jennifer Mahnic
Director of Public Relations

Glenn Goodwin
Director - Two Year
East Egg Hunt Chair

Bill Zaker
Director - Two Year

Candy Korn
Director - One Year

Jack Morabito
Director - One Year

Kevin Krcmar
Past President 2013-2014
Dave Garee
Haunted House Chair
Reverse Raffle Chair

Pat Volk
Scholarship Co-Chair

Jennifer Mahnic
Scholarship Co-Chair
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